Gastrofestival in Madrid, 24th January – 9th February

We all know how famous Spanish is for their cuisine. So what better than enjoy it all in a festival full of fun?

Gastrofestival Madrid is an annual event that hold diverse activities and experiences in food-related programmes. Back for it’s fifth year and with tribute to Spain’s tasty and renown gastronomy. Not only from the food point of view, but involving art, film and fashion to how see, eat and portray food.

More than 400 establishments from Madrid will participate in this year’s Gastrofestival. With aim to get people to enjoy food with all their 5 senses. Of course Madrid, the city itself, a capital with much charisma and beauty, is a sight to see in itself.


One of the new activities of the fifth edition of this festival is “Bocados decimonónicos’ which translates to most celebrated Spanish dishes from the 19th Century. Offered in Museum Cerralbo in collaboration with chef Iñigo Carretero. This activity will run through 25th Jan – 8th Feb, it includes a introduction to 19th Century food from a contemporary perspective.

‘Literary snacks’

Another of this year’s new additions to Gastrofestival are the ‘literary snacks’. From 30th Jan until 6th Feb, this activity is located in San Ginés chocolatier. Attracting writers from diverse generations and styles like Luis Antonio de Villena, Elena Mede, Javier Rioyo, Sophia Rheia, who will all discuss gastronomy from their writing perspective. Interesting, right?

Like San Ginés, all other different spaces, cultural, gastronomical, artistical, will all have special discounts and offer during the period of this festival.gastrofestival2013

Gastrofestival in Museums

Museum El Prado, the great art and cultura point of the Madrid. They will return to collaborate with Gastrofestival in their gallery spaces, introducing “Sweets and wines” as a tour. Taking place 24th, 25th,  26th and 31st January and 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th February between 10:00-14:00.

‘Museo del Traje’, a museum devoted to fashion and costumes, will hold an event titled ‘The costume of the cocktails, dress for a new era’ (29th Jan and 5th February).

There are many more museums and exhibitions collaborating with Gastrofestival. Visit for more information.


Gastronomy and Film

‘Filmoteca Española’ illustrates how gastronomy and cinema are vinculated and have created a special collection of food related films. Titles such as ‘Eat like a chef’, ‘The Presiden’ts chef’ are some of the films on show. Although most in Spanish, be sure to visit and experience a food related film, despite the language barrier, it can be worth the watch!
So why not come to Madrid on a City Break and enjoy this Gastrofestival whilst you’re there?


24th January – 9th February

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