Galería Martín & Reich, a space for photographic art for all art lovers

Sin títuloGalería Martín & Reich opened in 2011.
Their aim as (solely) a Photgraphy Art Gallery is to make art more accessible to the broader audience. Owners and artists Martina J Reich (German) and Antonio Martín (Spanish) stirred their passion for photography into a Gallery, established to create a new space for photographic art, appealing to new collectors and all art lovers.

As Martín and Reich have well said, “we aspire towards creating a means for experiencing and owning exceptional art photography.”


They offer affordable and authentic works, high-grade artistic photographs with museum quality. They also offer larger editions at lower prices for a broader public, thus seeking to offer both artistic quality and wide-reaching distribution.

Currently, Galería Martín & Reich covers a variety of works from photographers Alberto Chactoura, Nina Reistad, and owners Antonio Martín and Martina J. Reich.

 (See address and contact details at the end of this article, to visit Galería Martín & Reich.)

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Antonio Martín

Antonio, a rather famous figure in the Costa del Sol, from native Fuengirola, specializes in photography of products, glass and metal and has a studio in Mijas where he develops his works. Having worked for big agencies such as Young & Rubicam, Widescope, Antonio has a lot of experience in publicity and advertising photography.
Antonio’s photography is what you call ‘emergent’. He has works that portray and convey all kinds of photography. However, having travelled to New York in 2008, he gained a weakness for urban landscapes of Manhattan. It shows in his wonderful photographs, they really convey what New York is all about and how it’s ‘the place to be’.

In 2010, Antonio Martín, was awarded LUX Silver, a prize that only the finest and professional photographers in Spain can achieve.

He truly captures the technique of pure sensory and is currently developing a night photography collection, photographs of towers of the the southern coast of Spain.
Antonio offers guided Photography outings of discovering Costa del Sol at night.

His works have been exhibited in multiple venues across the Costa del Sol. Antonio’s exposition “Serendipity” was showcased in Mijas Town Hall, Castro del Río, in Canal Sur (TV Channel) facilities in Málaga and in University of Málaga.


Martina J Reich

Martina discovered the photography in the 70’s when her father gave her his old Agfa, a medium format camera. Since then, she has been an aficionado of photographic art. Later, strongly supported by her husband Antonio Martín, she deepened her knowledge and focused her attention to Nature Photography.

Her work lets the flowers’ own sensuality speak. They portraits celebrate their life cycle and allow the viewer to contemplate the poignancy, fragility, and continual freshness of life.

Her floral still life explore the sculptural essence of flowers, where composition is key and form lends itself to the ultimate task at hand – presenting the flowers as a sculptural object.
She focuses on the most fragile parts of flowers, irresistibly bringing us into the stamens and pistils at the core of creation. Capturing the beauty of the blossoms with expressive intensity via use of color, contrast, composition and lighting.

If you’re a photographer and want to expose your works at Galería Martín & Reich, please look at the contact details below.


Galería Martín & Reich
Calle Castillo 36
29640 Fuengirola

Mobile  (+34) 675 088 146
Office  (+34) 952 466 587

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