Festival and local street parties and celebrations in Zaragoza

On the 24th January, Zaragoza will host it’s local festival ‘San Valero’. 
All kinds of events, from theatre performances, children’s events, rock concerts to loud and energetic street dancing in the main ‘Plaza de los Sitios’ and the city centre.

For more information visit www.zaragoza.es/ciudad/cultura 

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Other ‘Fiestas y Folklore’ (‘Parties & Folklore’) in Zaragoza

Zaragoza’s most famous festival is Fiestas del Pilar in October, a celebration in the honour of the town’s patroness “Virgen del Pilar”. This festival showcases the folkloristic customs of the region Aragón, and is lovely attraction to go see.

“Fiestas de Primavera” in May celebrate the beginning of springtime. Directly after this festival takes place a nationally important exposition of paintings and sculptures.

Among the most attractive folkloric events in the province are: Corpus Christi in Daroca, La Vendimia (Thanksgiving) in Cariñena, Festival de la Fruta in Calatayud and Festival de la Aceituna in Caspe.

But perhaps the most impressive folkloric event is the ‘Batallas de Moros y Cristianos, the “Fights between Christians and Moors”. Theatre performances will showcase this battle and convey the reconquest of Spain, an event not worth missing!


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