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“Tortilla española” – the Spanish omelette

  The “tortilla de patatas” is the popular and world famous Spanish potato omelet. This simple egg dish was once know as “tortilla de cartuja” as it was a dish originally created by the monks, who whipped egg with cream. Over the following centuries this potato omelet became so typical that it eventually attained the […]

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Leche frita, Spain’s fried milk dessert

Leche frita literally translates to ‘fried milk’. A bit of what you see is what you get – but what you eat it delicious, a personal favourite. It’s a delicious traditional dessert that is nicely sweet, lovely and milky. These firm small delicacies covered in warm and crunchy egg and flour mix and served hot. […]

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Las Fallas de Valencia, Spain’s firework and monument festival

Las Fallas is a historial, religious and comedic monumental celebration. Firecrackers, fireworks, bonfires, loud music and much more. Ninots are paper-mâché and cardboard figurines made to look somewhat ‘cartoonish’. They depict people, events, memories of the past year, often with a humorous twist. These ninots are paraded alongside fireworks, firecrackers and loud street music. All […]

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Tapas culture, how and where to experience it

Tapas bar crawl in any Spanish town will satisfy any traveler’s desire in adventure and hunger. It’s all part of the ‘Spain experience’, sharing both food and chatter, with many welcomes from locals and smiles combined. Many describe ‘Tapas’ as what Spain is all about. Standing whilst eating and drinking is a foreign concept to […]

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Spaniards love tomatoes so much they have a tradition named ‘Battle of Tomatoes’ — dare to join?

Still today we are split by the on-going (but friendly) battle of whether tomatoes are considered a fruit or a vegetable. That’s not what we’re here to talk about today. This is a different type of battle, a summer event were we suggest you wear nothing more than old ragged clothes. Every year thousands of […]

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Where to go for a good flamenco show in the Madrid capital

Madrid, capital of Spain, is located in the heart of the country. A metropolitan city for singles or families, for students for everybody. Madrid has a bit of everything — even flamenco! Even though Flamenco is more from Andalusian culture, it is still a widely recognized folk dance art nationally and big part of Spanish […]

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