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“Tortilla española” – the Spanish omelette

  The “tortilla de patatas” is the popular and world famous Spanish potato omelet. This simple egg dish was once know as “tortilla de cartuja” as it was a dish originally created by the monks, who whipped egg with cream. Over the following centuries this potato omelet became so typical that it eventually attained the […]

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“Gambas blancas de Huelva” – Huelva’s delicate and delicious white prawns

  There are multiple varieties of prawns, of many different qualities, in Spain. The highest quality, with great gastronomic value, are the prawns from Costa de Huelva, in Andalucía, southern Spain – known as ‘Gambas de Huelva’ in Spanish. Also called ‘Gambas Blancas de Huelva’ (‘blancas’ means white), this crustacean has a long and well […]

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Delicious Spanish “Cordero” – Lamb recipes and more

  We are approaching Semana Santa (Easter) and as you may already know, Catholics do not eat meat during this Holy Week. Nevertheless, we know lamb is a popular dish elsewhere during this festive season and here are a few Spanish recipes on how to cook some exquisite flavorsome lamb. A very typical way of […]

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Leche frita, Spain’s fried milk dessert

Leche frita literally translates to ‘fried milk’. A bit of what you see is what you get – but what you eat it delicious, a personal favourite. It’s a delicious traditional dessert that is nicely sweet, lovely and milky. These firm small delicacies covered in warm and crunchy egg and flour mix and served hot. […]

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Olive oil cultivation in Andalucia; qualities, varieties and benefits

Olive oil is a component based on the Mediterranean diet and is considered by many as the healthiest in the world. Science has investigated all its positive aspects and has been named as Spain’s ‘golden liquid’. Not only does it make ordinary bread something special, but it truly makes your taste buds pop in flavour. […]

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