Property sales in Andalucía: “What crisis?”

The province of Seville do not seem to have noticed the crisis this year. According the statistics given by the National Institute of Statistics (Instituto Nacional de Estadística) for the past August, a total of 1,659 properties were sold, a 27,6% rise from 2009. One can say that the summer of 2013 has been very prosperous for the real estate market in Seville.

However, Málaga is way ahead. With 2,359 properties sold, 42% more than Seville. Costa del Sol, a very active property market and holiday destination, has yet again defied the numbers as leader in sales.

Southern Spain’s property market is not as bad as one may think. Yes, the original housing prices have fallen and the official real estate boom is over but now it’s buyers market. Now is the time to find a fantastic property (and/or investment) at a bargain price. spain-beach1


When the crisis is over, investment and property sales may surely find its “boom” again. If you are interested in purchasing property in Spain, we suggest you act now and find a great and cheap property investment.

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