Barcelona’s Art: architecture, artists and museums

Barcelona, a beautiful city rich in culture, arts and stunning architecture.
If Barcelona is a city you wish to visit, them you’re in luck. This article will finely describe some of Barcelona’s artsy features and must-see’s.


Barcelona’s modernism, Antoni Gaudí

You may already know about Antoni Gaudí and his modernist architecture. Waking Barcelona by foot is a great choice, for that way you really get to explore the city and get close to Gaudí’s famous buildings. Not only are they a top tourist attraction for tourists, but also for those who live in Barcelona. Strolling through city streets you will come across both civil or religious buildings, the most popular ones being Sagrada Família, Park Güell (looks like a fairytale) and La Pedrera.
“However, Gaudí was not the only modernist to leave his mark on Barcelona. Also worth a visit are Casa Amatller and the Palau de la Música, works by Puig. Another example is the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, a World Heritage Site and whose gardens are an oasis in the bustle of the city.

Picture the city of Picasso’s youth

Picasso was born in Málaga (Picasso Museum Málaga), but he did spend most of his young life in Barcelona. To experience what it was like for Picasso to live in Barcelona, there’s a little route you can do. “Walk down C/Reina Cristina and then cross over to number 3 on C/Mercè to see where his family lived, though the building was later destroyed. If you need to make a stop along the way, head to Els 4 Gats, where artists, including Picasso and Salvador Dali, gathered at the time to chat, eat dinner and have meetings about art. Finally, visit the Museu Picasso itself, a gallery that houses works from Picasso’s formative years.”


Fundació Joan Miró & Muhba Museu d’Història

One of the largest museums in the world. Fundació Joan Miró is home to a vast collection of 225 surrealist paintings, 150 sculptures and graphic pieces, by the renown Spanish artist himself (Joan Miró).
There are numerous other Museums that are truly worth the visit both artsy and historic. A visit to Muhba Museu d’Història is the best way to learn the city’s history.


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