Gran Turismo 6 launch held in Ronda, Ascari Race Resort

It’s all ready and set. This afternoon Ronda will host the much awaited Gran Turismo 6 video game launch. Ronda will benefit hugely from this international exposure of its city and circuit, Ascari, whom have joined efforts with Ronda Turism to make this event possible.

Only a few days before the international GT6 release date of December 6, this event in Ronda is to hold a full itinerary of events and happenings:

Famous Kazunori Yamauchi will be attending Ronda’s launch giving presentations and interviews about all the new features in GT6.
“Introducing Ronda in Gran Turismo 6 will be a real honor for me,” said Kazunori Yamauchi. ”This is truly a unique place and our entire team, who captured the most important sights, greatly enjoyed their stay here. My passion for racing tracks is no secret, and with the help of our partners from automotive manufacturers, to provide a real racing experience on the Ascari Race Resort track is a truly exciting experience. We have worked hard on moving the Gran Turismo series forward, and it is a great honor for me to present to the public the fruits of our labor just before launch.”

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Gran Turismo 6 dates

2nd – 4th December 2013

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