Ernest Hemingway’s Spanish cities, his memories live on

Ernest Hemingway’s relationship to so many Spanish cities is almost indescribable. This Nobel Prize writer/novelist is one of the few foreigners to be so closely identified with Spain. With the given nickname ‘Papa’ (‘father’ in Spanish), Ernest truly captured more than just the complexities of Spain and the Civil War, he captured people’s hearts.


He knew how to embrace Spanish culture, tradition and lifestyle and locals loved him for it. This inspires many novels he wrote.

This ‘Guiri’ (‘foreigner’ in Spanish) earned so much recognition and respect, he even lived his last birthday in Andalucia, southern Spain,a fact that only few people know. Now it includes you.


A year after the start of the Spanish Civil War in 1936, Hemingway left for Spain to cover the conflict for the American Newspaper Alliance. Reporting on the war and traveling through Spain during such a time of upheaval formed the basis of inspiration for Hemingway’s highly regarded work, For Whom the Bell Tolls, as well as his one and only full length play, The Fifth Column.

“Our dead live in the hearts and the minds of the Spanish peasants, of the Spanish workers, of all the good simple honest people who believed in and fought for the Spanish republic. And as long as our dead live in the Spanish earth, and they will live as long as the earth lives, no system of tyranny will ever prevail in Spain.”
— Ernest Hemingway, “On the American Dead in Spain” (1939)

for_whom_the_bell_tolls.large    Ernest Hemingway;Antonio Ordonez

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[We] who have lived in other countries as well as our own havespoken and understood the language of these countries and have heard what was said by the people; We have something that cannot be taken from us by an articleNor abolished by a critical agreement of Professors
— Ernest Hemingway, “Poem, 1928”

We think that’s a clear message saying, “come to Spain!” 
If not to live, we offer you to come for at least a City Break.

Below are destinations where Ernest Hemingway has left a memory that locals will keep forever.

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Did you know Ernest Hemingway knew fluent Spanish?

He did have a foreign accent but nonetheless he was fluent. If you want to learn Spanish too, click here!

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