Christmas special: Solomillo steak with peppercorn sauce

Here at Food@M, in this celebratory season, we deliver you “Christmas Specials” of top notch Spanish meals.

Although Spain is rich for their seafood, it is also known for their good quality meat dishes. Sirloin meat tends to be one of the most popular and favourite Spanish meats and dishes. Below you will find a recipe for a classic Spanish meat dish, “Solomillo a la pimienta” (Sirloin in pepper sauce”).

Serves 4


4 “Solomillo” steaks (sirloin)
Cup of stock
2 spoons of green peppercorn (grain)
2 spoons of white peppercorn (grain)
2 spoons of black peppercorn (grain)
6 spoons of cream
Glass of cognac
1 spoon of olive oil
Sea salt (to taste)



1) Crush the black and white peppercorns until they are thing grains. Cover your sirloin steaks in them and add salt (to taste).
2) Heat olive oil in a sauce pan and golden your sirloin steaks during 3-7 minutes (depending how one likes their steak).
3) Remove and store steaks on a plate on the side (do not put in the fridge).
4) Your used sauce pan, add stock and cognac (at low heat). Add cream and green peppercorn (make sure you have grained it before). Let me sauce blend and notice it reduce to half it’s amout.
5) Place your steaks in the sauce for couple minutes to infuse the sauce flavor. Ready to serve.salsa_pimienta_verde

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