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Ernest Hemingway’s Spanish cities, his memories live on

Ernest Hemingway’s relationship to so many Spanish cities is almost indescribable. This Nobel Prize writer/novelist is one of the few foreigners to be so closely identified with Spain. With the given nickname ‘Papa’ (‘father’ in Spanish), Ernest truly captured more than just the complexities of Spain and the Civil War, he captured people’s hearts. He […]

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Visit Mijas Pueblo, a soon to be World Heritage Site with donkey taxis, Costa del Sol

When visiting Málaga or generally the Costa del Sol, you cannot go without visiting Mijas Pueblo. This enchanting white village is close to the coast, situated in the lowlands mountainside of the Sierra de Mijas mountain range, surrounded by pine forest and with PANORAMIC views across the sunny Costa del Sol. 
With a small population […]

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Chicago Orchestra perform at International Canary Islands Music Festival; Gran Canaria & Tenerife, January to February

Celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary, the International Canary Island Music Festival (ICIMF) is back to showcase one of the most important and renown symphonic orchestras in the world today: Chicago’s Symphony Orchestra. Maestro Riccardo Muti will be conducting the orchestra, what a treat! (For you classical music lovers). Chicago Symphony in the Canary Islands represents a […]

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Festival and local street parties and celebrations in Zaragoza

On the 24th January, Zaragoza will host it’s local festival ‘San Valero’. 
All kinds of events, from theatre performances, children’s events, rock concerts to loud and energetic street dancing in the main ‘Plaza de los Sitios’ and the city centre. For more information visit 

We are not responsible for any time and date change […]

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Gastrofestival in Madrid, 24th January – 9th February

We all know how famous Spanish is for their cuisine. So what better than enjoy it all in a festival full of fun? Gastrofestival Madrid is an annual event that hold diverse activities and experiences in food-related programmes. Back for it’s fifth year and with tribute to Spain’s tasty and renown gastronomy. Not only from […]

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“Journey through the blue” at Museu Picasso Barcelona

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, in the month of January, Museu Picasso is doing some changes to its permanent exhibition and bringing other Picasso periods to light again. The museum’s new and focus pieces of Picasso’s are “LaVie” (1903) and it’s links to Picasso’s other works. The enigmatic symbolism of the work has prompted numerous interpretations […]

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Galería Martín & Reich, a space for photographic art for all art lovers

Galería Martín & Reich opened in 2011. Their aim as (solely) a Photgraphy Art Gallery is to make art more accessible to the broader audience. Owners and artists Martina J Reich (German) and Antonio Martín (Spanish) stirred their passion for photography into a Gallery, established to create a new space for photographic art, appealing to […]

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Andalusian Rock scene, ‘Medina Azahara’ in concert, Málaga

Andalusia is known for Flamenco dance and folk music, but surprisingly the rock scene is favored too! Medina Azahara is a emblematic rock band from Córdoba, Andalusia, with over 30 years stage experience. They have multiple famous records to local ears titled ‘Necesito respirar’ (‘I need to breathe’), ‘Todo tiene su fin’ (‘All things come […]

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Enjoy some invigorating Flamenco in historic Marbella, Costa del Sol

Flamenco is a combination of cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance) and palmas (handclaps) in the name of Spanish folk music and dance. Since 1991, Ana María has been serving and performing with great success. All their events have a have a great cast of figures and artists. Flamenco Ana María has every day […]

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For party goers planning their summer holiday, ‘Champagne Spray Parties’ in Puerto Banús, Marbella

Ocean Club Marbella hosts every summer Champagne Spray Parties for you ravers out there who want to party in the sun. Held on the last Sunday of every month (and some extra days too!) during the summer season (May – August), you can come enjoy and spray some champagne everywhere and join in the booze […]

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“Pioneer of the abstract” Hilma af Klint exhibition at Picasso Museum Málaga

Swedish artist Hilma af Klint’s (1862-1944) abstract artworks are exhibited at Picasso Museum in Málaga. 

Klint was ahead of her time, she created enigmatic pieces that represented reality beyond the visible. Her abundant use of forms, consistency and rich symbolism allow the viewer to really ponder on the big life question: the meaning of existence.

Unfortunately […]

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Costa del Sol hot spots for night (and day) life, restaurants and more

As you may already know, Costa del Sol (‘Coast of the sun’) is one of the hot spots Spain has to offer in great restaurants and vibrant nightlife. A variation from classic to traditional Spanish, there is no doub that there is a restaurant, bar or pub to your liking. 
Anything from local Spanish bars, […]

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Have a laugh at ‘Santi Millán Live!’ show in Málaga

Barcelonean comedian and actor Santi Millán brings his comedy show “Santi Millán Live!” to Málaga. This cheeky and (evidently) humorous show has already been viewed by over 15,000 people over Spain. Now it’s Málaga’s turn to witness some sexed up improvisation by showman Santi Millán. Please note: to attend, one must understand Spanish Santi Millán […]

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Kati Heck exhibition in CAC Museum, Málaga

Belgium based artist, Kati Heck, has her first solo exhibition in Spain in CAC Museum of Málaga.
 This exhibition, titled KOPF=KOPFNUSS, consists of 41 works, from small to large format paintings, sculptures, photography, drawings and video. 

Taking inspiration from German and European painting “legacies”, her ability to combine “expressionist” elements with distorted body parts is clearly […]

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The origin of tapas & tapas bar tours

Many describe ‘Tapas’ as what Spain is all about. Standing whilst eating and drinking is a foreign concept to many, and loud bars, taverns and restaurants filled with loud people is different and exciting too. It’s all part of the southern Spanish experience, sharing both food and chatter, with many welcomes from locals and smiles […]

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Málaga’s 31st Theatre Festival runs until 16th of February

Starting today, 9th January, the 31st edition of Málaga’s Theatre Festival. This year’s Theatre Festival has 27 programmed performances of Calderón, Lope de Vega, Eurípides, Alistair Beaton, Robert Patrick, David Mamet,.. including s play by Shakespeare! Malaga’s theatre’s Cervantes and Echegaray will carry out two musicals and four plays, ‘Los hijos de Kennedy’ (Kennedy’s children), ‘El […]

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