Carlos Killian, Spain’s argentinian artist

Carlos Killian was born and raised argentinian artist who spent his time and spread his love for art in Spain. He was a great author of graphic humor, caricatures, a cartoonist, painter and illustrator.

He began working as an illustrator, cartoonist and painter in the 1970’s. It was in 1975 when he travelled to Spain and continued to draw, staying in Madrid and Barcelona.

Carlos Killian had two passion: golf and bulls. No one like him knew how to capture the dramatic moments of the bull-fight in his paintings or the magical movements of a golf swing.


In 1994 he left o New York and became a member of the society of illustrators. He exposed his works in the Society Gallery and Goya Art Gallery. He also worked with New York Times and Playboy. He returned to Spain in 1997 and continued exposing and illustrating. He has exposed his works in University of Alcalá (Spain).

He had many more collaborations in Spain, with El Jueves, La Vanguardia, Interviú (Equivalent to Spanish Playboy), Cambio 16, El País and ABC. He also worked in the UK with magazines such as Golf World and Golf today.

bailarina blanco

In 2001 he won the Yellow Kid Award for best European illustrator in Italy and in 2006 won first prize of erotic art in Argentina.

Killian died in 2011, a sorrow for many Spanish followers. Many Spaniards have expressed their dismay over how minimally his death was broadcasted in the media, Spanish or International, not giving this great artist the recognition he deserved on his death bed. He sure has left great memories in those who had the opportunity to meet him.
Below you can have a whizz through some of Carlos Killian’s famous artworks.

Bulls and Traditional Spanish

Golf and cartoons

Playboy and caricatures

We here at Magnethi did not have the chance to meet Killian, but we do have the great news of offering you some remaining original artworks.

Please contact us if you wish to know more about Carlos Killian’s artworks.

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Original size for ‘Rejoneador’ 105 x 75 cm


Original ‘Pase’ 26 x 35 cm                                      Original ‘Toro Collage’ 62 x 84 cm

Sin título-1  toro

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