Andalucia’s picturesque Almond Trees

In January-February time, Andalucia treats us with the beauty of Almond trees in bloom — a true sight to behold!
Almond trees with willowy branches and delicate white and pink flowers of sweet scent. A contrast to the the usual dry and brown countryside soil, almond trees in this time of post-spring are a sight much awaited by locals, adding color to countryside life. White flowers produce not only sweet scent, but sweet almonds too. Pink ones produce a more bitter variety of almonds — a bit of bitter sweet, nature is smart.

Almond Trees Bloom

Walking through these groves is truly the experience any traveller in Andalusia should not miss. You will be walking through the sweet scent of Andalusia’s post-spring and trusting the sunshine to come along too.

Almond Trees Blossom

Almond trees are a very important crop in Andalucia are are usually at harvest in mid-autumn season. These nuts are often used in Andalusian cuisine, either in creamy soups, pastries or meat dishes even. Places such as La Axarquía (Málaga Province) and small villages (Guaro, Sedella, Archez…) within the province, more inland that the usual tourist attractions located close to beach and ports.

Spain (Andalucia and Valencia mainly) is the second largest almond producer, contributing a 13% of annual production to the 1.7 million tons of almonds produced every year in the world.

Come to Andalucia and experience them for yourself!

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